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The Robots Are Coming! Here Are Our Predictions…

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If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to start thinking about what that means to you.

It’s the artificial intelligence (AI) that that is the real threat, not the robots themselves. These robots will be able to do almost everything that humans can do. And the technology is getting better daily.  Speech recognition software has grown in leaps and bounds recently.

We definitely do not want to come across as fear mongering in any way. We want you to be prepared early because that is a big part of domination. Dominators ride the curve—we aren’t surprised by the curve. Sometimes dominators even invent the curve!

We bring this subject up to simply remind you to investigate how you can use this forthcoming revolutionary technology to your benefit.

Here are some questions, geared towards individuals.

If you are a worker, what jobs are going to be replaced by robots?

If you are a supervisor, or other management type…are you not understanding that fewer people means fewer management jobs?

If you are a business owner, are you not understanding that you might be in direct competition with companies that can afford to have robots? As a business owner, what can you do get ahead in regards to this forthcoming technology? What do you need to do to protect your business? How can you use this to thrive, not just survive?

As I write this, there are companies that have robots working in rooms with no lights and no heat. Those robots don’t need health insurance or a paycheck and can work 24/7.
We made the prediction years ago that technology will continue to interrupt business at an alarming rate for years to come. What is happening here is just a continuation of that prediction.

The rate of change in the business world is increasing.

Back in 1974 there was a song by B.T.O. (Bachman Turner Overdrive) called “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

We’ve had the industrial revolution, and some technical revolutions here and there.

We’re making another prediction, and here it is:

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Robot technology is really going to change things, on a scale unseen since the industrial revolution started back in the 1760’s.
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