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Business Domination Via Outstanding Customer Service

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You’ve seen the downturn in customer service. You see it in fast food restaurants, you see it in grocery stores…you see it in many places.

Only one line open in a store that has 15 cash registers. Yes, it is frustrating.

We don’t know where these businesses are getting their business strategies from. It’s scary, I tell you.

It’s like they sit down and try to figure out how to destroy their business. Then they put their plan into action.

As we stated many times in the past….the world is ultra-super-connected via social media and other communication platforms. If your company does something wrong to a customer…literally hundreds of people might know about it very quickly. Almost everybody has called some customer service hotline and had to listen to a foreigner with a heavy accent butcher our language as the customer tried to get help to solve some problem. It gets frustrating, and many people are really fed up with it.

With this thought in mind, Business Owner, or CEO…you better figure out that providing crappy customer service is going to seriously hurt your business in the long run. If you’re not concerned about the long run, your business will probably die like the thousands of businesses that die every year. The “downhill” isn’t just some ski slope in the Olympics. It’s what every business does before it dies. It goes downhill first.

Is your business going up or down?

One look at the businesses that are highly successful will show the importance of having a good customer service model.

The solution is very obvious here. When other businesses start going down in the customer service department….your business should make great efforts to greatly improve your customer service.

Just because other businesses are running full speed towards a steep cliff doesn’t mean that’s a good business plan for you.

And the indication from what we have all seen is that this trend of bucking customer service will continue until it gets so financially painful for companies that they have to go back to what worked in the first place. It’ appears to be some kind of idiotic circle of failure.

Make sure you mention that your customer service is superior to other companies. It’s one of the many ways you can differentiate your business from the competition. Customer service is a vital part of customer satisfaction. Lose sight of that, and you lose sight of what is important to your customer.

Every company has a reputation…some are good, some are bad. Social media has sometimes helped some companies, others it has helped destroy.

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PS….BIG changes are coming in how we deliver business domination wisdom to the masses. Stay tuned. Coming up in the near future, we will discuss taking on robots in head-on battle, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Predictions on the Rate of Change in Business

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Here is our prediction: The rate of change is only going to go up in an erratically sharp increase from now on.

This is bad news for companies and individuals who are slow to change.

The last 30+ years has been marked by a constant increase in the rate of change.

As we forecast years ago, technology is only going to continue to interrupt business. We are going to see more interruptions in the near future-about the time robots hit our business mainframe. This hasn’t happened yet to a large degree. When it does, it is very likely to cause some serious disruptions in how business gets done. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

Now is a great time to learn adaptability skills along with the art of remaining flexible.

Big change is coming, maybe sooner than we think.