Business Domination Via Outstanding Customer Service

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You’ve seen the downturn in customer service. You see it in fast food restaurants, you see it in grocery stores…you see it in many places.

Only one line open in a store that has 15 cash registers. Yes, it is frustrating.

We don’t know where these businesses are getting their business strategies from. It’s scary, I tell you.

It’s like they sit down and try to figure out how to destroy their business. Then they put their plan into action.

As we stated many times in the past….the world is ultra-super-connected via social media and other communication platforms. If your company does something wrong to a customer…literally hundreds of people might know about it very quickly. Almost everybody has called some customer service hotline and had to listen to a foreigner with a heavy accent butcher our language as the customer tried to get help to solve some problem. It gets frustrating, and many people are really fed up with it.

With this thought in mind, Business Owner, or CEO…you better figure out that providing crappy customer service is going to seriously hurt your business in the long run. If you’re not concerned about the long run, your business will probably die like the thousands of businesses that die every year. The “downhill” isn’t just some ski slope in the Olympics. It’s what every business does before it dies. It goes downhill first.

Is your business going up or down?

One look at the businesses that are highly successful will show the importance of having a good customer service model.

The solution is very obvious here. When other businesses start going down in the customer service department….your business should make great efforts to greatly improve your customer service.

Just because other businesses are running full speed towards a steep cliff doesn’t mean that’s a good business plan for you.

And the indication from what we have all seen is that this trend of bucking customer service will continue until it gets so financially painful for companies that they have to go back to what worked in the first place. It’ appears to be some kind of idiotic circle of failure.

Make sure you mention that your customer service is superior to other companies. It’s one of the many ways you can differentiate your business from the competition. Customer service is a vital part of customer satisfaction. Lose sight of that, and you lose sight of what is important to your customer.

Every company has a reputation…some are good, some are bad. Social media has sometimes helped some companies, others it has helped destroy.

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PS….BIG changes are coming in how we deliver business domination wisdom to the masses. Stay tuned. Coming up in the near future, we will discuss taking on robots in head-on battle, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Be Wary Of “Experts” Spouting ‘Business Domination’…

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Business domination…wow, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

We have noticed a newish trend where many people and businesses are saying that they are the experts.

Here’s a way to know if they are really top-performing experts or not…

What results do they get?

We can label our company as an expert company. We can also say we are Klingon’s who came to earth from the Star ship Enterprise.

Here’s a scary thought for you. Many businesses are going belly up, and these same businesses are trusting some marketing company to do their marketing for them.

Results speak louder than words.










Ask these marketing companies what their results are. Don’t be misled by their marketing claims.

Business domination isn’t some play on words.

Here’s a million dollar thought right here:

Business domination is another name for leadership.


Potentially Catastrophic Changes For Businesses And A Solution

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As many of you know, Facebook changed it’s algorithm…what you might not know is that that has significantly decreased the organic reach of many businesses.

We heard  that some businesses have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into Facebook and now their ROI has been instantly drastically reduced. We bet they are none too happy about that.

We mentioned specifically dealing with Facebook back in October of 2017. You can read that post here:

It doesn’t really matter to us that we were right. What matters to us is that we informed you.

Regardless of the truth of why that happened, there are very important lessons to learn.

You, as a business owner, would be wise to realize that Facebook is the landlord of Facebook. They can change the conditions and the cost of the “rent” that you pay to advertise your business. That’s why you should primarily use Facebook and all other social media  platforms as a TOOL to acquire the contact information of your customers. The simple reason is that YOU will then be in control of being able to contact your customer base at will.

And…Instagram is owned by Facebook. Be wary of potential changes there that could have a negative impact on your business.

SO the solution is…

Build your email list! That way you can instantly contact your customers at will.

Business domination requires it.

Now is always the time to bulletproof your business…

The significant changes that are happening in the world today and the ones that are coming are a serious threat to small businesses.

There are very specific things you can do to get traffic, and to dominate in your business. We will be discussing these strategies and tactics in future posts.


What can we do for you? We would love to hear from you!

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A BIG Business Domination Secret Revealed!

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Ah, knowledge.

Isn’t it great?

The internet is loaded with it.

You can sit for hours and hours and read up on problems and solutions, and go away feeling better.

There is a difference between feeling better and doing better.

You now know what you think you need to finally move forward. So you breath a sigh of relief.

As you come across another little problem, you can find a solution for that one, too.

Kinda keeps you very busy, don’t it?

One of the things we see often with business owners and their number two in charge is that solving a bunch of little problems is what keeps them from the bigger problems. The fireman who runs around putting out a bunch of little fires gets tired.

Time vampires. That’s what those little problems are. They suck up your available time.

What are the bigger problems?

Come on, you know what thy are.

That product isn’t selling as good as expected. Sales are way down. Costs are creeping up. Employees just aren’t producing like they used to. These are common big problems that we hear about all the time.

Solving your little problems while your bigger problems just sit there is no way to dominate.

Sometimes it is wise to ignore the little problems and solve the big ones.

If your ship strikes an iceberg, you don’t worry about the one light-bulb that is out.

Here’s a  BIG secret  of business domination that you might have been missing:

Success in today’s business world is a moving target.

That means you have to be moving, too.

One of the traits of all the big dogs in business is they have a solid strategy. They know they have to do something.

They know they have to be moving, because their target is moving.


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Some Pearls of Wisdom Concerning Business Domination

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Business domination is an entirely learn-able skill.

Those businesses got to where they are because they did what works.

Let’s dive in to business domination for a bit.

First off, you must know what the giants in your industry are doing.

How do they do their marketing? What social media sites are they on?

These are the types of questions one must ask.

And if their are no giants because it is a brand new field, then maybe you get to be the giant.

You still have to know about how to dominate.

First off, you have to know the competition. All of it, even potential competition.

Then you have to know what is working. This changes rapidly.

Then you have to apply what is working to such an extent that the competition is left behind.

It is actually easier than you would think.

Especially when you make use of certain principles, like integrity.

We know from experience—and from laboriously studying what works.

Another fact: Regardless of what some people tell you, there are many people who have to do things like budget money. Especially since inflation has been rearing its ugly head as of late. That means that they watch their spending, like all responsible adults should. That means that they spend less. In addition to that, no matter what your business is, your business is in global competition with all other businesses for the consumer’s dollars.

Smart business owners realize that the vast majority of people keep track of their spending because they know that for them, money is not an infinite supply.

There is tough competition for the dollar. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Many business owners fail to realize this, much to the detriment of their business.


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Struggling to Make Sales? MV=S Will Help

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If you’re a business, your number one job is sales.

Are you struggling to make sales? You’re not going to dominate anything if you can’t make sales.

If your business is struggling to make sales…you might want to consider the quality of the leads that you are getting.

Are you trying to sell to cold clients, vice hot or at least warm clients?

Because if you are trying to sell to cold clients, that is basically a waste of time when you factor in the ROI spent.

If you have better quality leads, you don’t have to do a sales pitch— which rarely works these days anyways.

Most people can smell a salesman and/or his sales pitch from a mile away. And they run.

Notice that we’re not trying to get you to buy anything here. Why is that?

Well it’s because we don’t waste our time/money trying to sell products to people who aren’t ready for our solution.

We know that when you are ready, you might contact us.

We just hope for your sake that it’s before it’s too late for your business.

We leave the choice up to you. Choose wisely.



What is MV=S you ask? It is massive value equals sustainability. The company that doesn’t provide massive value will eventually go under.

If you look around in today’s business world, it is obvious that this is true. Just don’t acknowledge this truth—

put it to work for you. Give your customers massive value. It is one of the ways of a business dominator…


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Email Open Rates Don’t Matter-Sales Conversion Ratios Do!

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We got an email from some marketer today with the subject line of

“Would You Like To Get An Email Open Rate of 99%?”

Silly marketers…tricks is for kids.

It just never ends.

If we were to answer that question, it would be…NO!!!.

No, we wouldn’t like an email open rate of 99%.

That’s because we would like a conversion rate of 99%.

Yes, it’s a very lofty goal.

Well hey…not everybody can be a business dominator.

There has to be those who get all happy because of a high email open rate.

To that we say: Go on with your bad self.

You can leave the business dominating to us.


If you have any questions, or if you’d like to talk more about how to experience explosive business growth, or want to just say hi, or whatever, send an email to:

How To Create An Innovative Product or Service That Sells

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It is simple to create a product or service that actually sells.

There’s no sense in making and trying to sell something people don’t want.

You’d think this is obvious, but many people still try to do this-and fail.

So here’s what you do:

Find out what they want and create it for them.

For people who need more to do, find the best way to market the product or service back to the customers.

Then sell it to them.

End of story.

The Main Reason Most Businesses Fail

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The main reason most businesses fail should come as no surprise…they simply run out of money.

In other words, there was more money output than input.

But why? Why is this happening?

The one thing we see all the time is businesses using sales methods that no longer work.

These sale methods are still being taught in some of our institutions of higher learning

Our educational system in some colleges seem to be years behind the times, especially in the marketing section.

Additionally, we live in a society that is loaded with information…and some of it has proved lethal to businesses.

Knowledge is great stuff…what is just as important is what you do with the knowledge.

If we were to put the answer right in your hand-would you know how to use it? So knowledge isn’t everything.

Here’s a secret that will help save your bacon…

Selling products or services is more important than how many Facebook likes your business gets.

Selling products or services is the number one job of your business…not being social media superstars.

It’s the business that loses sight of that simple truth that gets into dire straits.


Don’t Create Systems That Suck

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There is absolutely no reason to create a system that sucks.

You need to test that system thoroughly before putting it out there for the world to see. If you don’t do that, you run the risk of laying yourself open to a PR nightmare.

The way the world is “ultra-super-connected” via social media, the news of sucky systems might travel fast.

“Ultra-super-connected”…it’s a new term we just created.

You heard it here first, ladies and germs.

The business world is just too competitive to risk losing customers due to a sucky system.

Ok…here’s a system that sucks.

Why use a slideshow to put out information? This is just ridiculous…why make your customers click-through over and over again to get the information?

Notice how Info graphics have all the info on one page? Info graphics are very popular.

I don’t know anybody who likes slideshows.

Do you?

Yes, slideshows might help prevent page bounce…then again, there are many people who won’t bother to click through a slideshow. They will leave your website.

The answer ?

Just put the information on one page!!!

As we have said time and time again…make it easy for your customer to do business with you!

That apparently is a hard concept for some businesses to grab a hold of.

No wonder so many businesses fail.

Another example of a sucky system is replacing a decent web browser with a sucky one…one that takes the pages longer to load.

This happened to me today. I didn’t even get a choice…they just updated the browser. Now it takes longer for the pages to load. How stupid, you would think they would know better.

Another example is using a webinar system where the customer has to sit through everything and not be able to back up to something they didn’t hear, or jump ahead.

I won’t sit through and listen to a bunch of babble. Not many people will.

A cheaper system will sometimes cost you business in the long run.

Just to reiterate…don’t have a sucky system.

Here’s some great guidance, and it’s why we get paid the big bucks:

You can have business friends or mentors whose opinions you trust give you honest feedback prior to introducing your new system to the world.

Additionally, before using some new system, do a Google search on the system. Type in the system’s name, and then enter “reviews” after it.

For example, you could enter “Tom’s Sucky System reviews”…then of course, hit enter.

That way you might learn if customers already dislike that system. Then you can smartly not use the system and avoid nightmares for you and your company.

Your customers will appreciate you for not making them suffer with some system that sucks.