Be Wary Of “Experts” Spouting ‘Business Domination’…

Business domination…wow, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

We have noticed a newish trend where many people and businesses are saying that they are the experts.

Here’s a way to know if they are really top-performing experts or not…

What results do they get?

We can label our company as an expert company. We can also say we are Klingon’s who came to earth from the Star ship Enterprise.

Here’s a scary thought for you. Many businesses are going belly up, and these same businesses are trusting some marketing company to do their marketing for them.

Results speak louder than words.










Ask these marketing companies what their results are. Don’t be misled by their marketing claims.

Business domination isn’t some play on words.

Here’s a million dollar thought right here:

Business domination is another name for leadership.


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