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As many of you know, Facebook changed it’s algorithm…what you might not know is that that has significantly decreased the organic reach of many businesses.

We heard  that some businesses have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into Facebook and now their ROI has been instantly drastically reduced. We bet they are none too happy about that.

We mentioned specifically dealing with Facebook back in October of 2017. You can read that post here:


It doesn’t really matter to us that we were right. What matters to us is that we informed you.

Regardless of the truth of why that happened, there are very important lessons to learn.

You, as a business owner, would be wise to realize that Facebook is the landlord of Facebook. They can change the conditions and the cost of the “rent” that you pay to advertise your business. That’s why you should primarily use Facebook and all other social media  platforms as a TOOL to acquire the contact information of your customers. The simple reason is that YOU will then be in control of being able to contact your customer base at will.

And…Instagram is owned by Facebook. Be wary of potential changes there that could have a negative impact on your business.

SO the solution is…

Build your email list! That way you can instantly contact your customers at will.

Business domination requires it.

Now is always the time to bulletproof your business…

The significant changes that are happening in the world today and the ones that are coming are a serious threat to small businesses.

There are very specific things you can do to get traffic, and to dominate in your business. We will be discussing these strategies and tactics in future posts.


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