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Ah, knowledge.

Isn’t it great?

The internet is loaded with it.

You can sit for hours and hours and read up on problems and solutions, and go away feeling better.

There is a difference between feeling better and doing better.

You now know what you think you need to finally move forward. So you breath a sigh of relief.

As you come across another little problem, you can find a solution for that one, too.

Kinda keeps you very busy, don’t it?

One of the things we see often with business owners and their number two in charge is that solving a bunch of little problems is what keeps them from the bigger problems. The fireman who runs around putting out a bunch of little fires gets tired.

Time vampires. That’s what those little problems are. They suck up your available time.

What are the bigger problems?

Come on, you know what thy are.

That product isn’t selling as good as expected. Sales are way down. Costs are creeping up. Employees just aren’t producing like they used to. These are common big problems that we hear about all the time.

Solving your little problems while your bigger problems just sit there is no way to dominate.

Sometimes it is wise to ignore the little problems and solve the big ones.

If your ship strikes an iceberg, you don’t worry about the one light-bulb that is out.

Here’s a  BIG secret  of business domination that you might have been missing:

Success in today’s business world is a moving target.

That means you have to be moving, too.

One of the traits of all the big dogs in business is they have a solid strategy. They know they have to do something.

They know they have to be moving, because their target is moving.


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