Rigorous Honesty and Integrity

The definition of rigorous as I’m using it here means “hard work”. Business domination starts with honesty and that leads to integrity.

Back to the subject at hand. It’s hard work sometimes to be rigorously honest. This means not “stretching the truth”- not that it can really be stretched anyways.

The truth is black or white, yes or no,—not maybe. And definitely not gray. Not wishy-washy.

So misleading people, is not honesty. Inferring stuff to people by leading them to believe stuff- that’s not honesty.

Being “politically correct”- is not honesty. If you ask me if the baby is ugly, and I sense that my answer might offend you, I will ask you if you really want to know what I think. The reason I do that is because you have asked a question that I can only give you my opinion on. And my opinion is just that- my opinion. It’s not better or worse than anybody else’s out there. Opinions are a view into what a person thinks about something or somebody.

So rigorous honesty demands that I tell you that I think the baby is ugly. If I’m being honest, I told you my honest opinion, regardless of my concerns of how that makes you feel. Now obviously, I’m not out to hurt your feelings, and I will put a big effort in to not hurt your feelings and sincerely apologize and “make it right” if possible.

I will not sacrifice what I view to be the truth. I just won’t do it.

And by taking this solid stand, people around me realize that I have integrity.

And let me tell you a BIG SECRET…if you have integrity, people automatically trust you.

Nothing sells like integrity.

Try it- you’ll like it!


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